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I cannot say enough good things about working with IQ Bookkeeping. Kendall and Sara are incredibily supportive, provide easy-to-understand advice, and look for ways to help me improve my business profitability. With previous bookeepers, I felt "dumb" and dreaded my calls with them; with IQ Bookkeeping, I truly look forward to our conversations. I learn so much on every call. These ladies are professional, SMART, and funny...such a joy to work with.

Candi Ruppert, Sage Organizing

Charlotte, NC

Kendall and her team have been a joy to work with! Considering the mess I had, they've been fast in getting everything organized and ready for tax season. Communications have been very frequent, and I feel well taken care of. I highly suggest IQ Bookkeeping

-Dan Hinz, Adulting with Money & First Midcoast
Panama City Beach, FL


"In IQ bookkeeping, a firm of accountants, and bookkeepers, run by Kendall Creek, I am finally able to manage my financial spending, forensic analyses, and my business issues. Kendall and her team have constructed a tailor made program for me and I have experienced trust, honesty, confidentiality, and integrity. All interactions have been professional, with options being offered and my opinion valued, and my limitations recognized. The technology provided has been clearly explained and is easy to use for my needs. The result is a firm of constancy, where I do not contract out but rather interact with the staff to create an understanding of my finances. I am presented with easy-to-read financial statements, with a data analysis of my spending and inflow of money. This is premised on adaptability and communication, good time management, and an attention to detail. In addition, they work with you so that you learn how to do your own accounting according to how they teach you.
The IQ bookkeeping team, show leadership, emotional intelligence and critical thinking backed with good hard work. They have a passion for problem solving and do so creatively, with an absolute sense of accountability.

-Peta Katz
Charlotte, NC

Kendall is awesome! Very thorough and responsive!
-Bill Alessi, Janbella Group
Charlotte, NC

Kendall and Sara are amazing!! They have helped me better understand my business financials, utilize tools that streamline invoicing and basically freed up time for me to focus on what helps my business be successful and grow. I highly recommend them!!!

- Shannon McKinney, Graze LLC
Woodland Park, CO

Kendall and her team have been amazing. They worked diligently to manage my numerous assets and helped me turn my single small business into 2. They are extremely responsive, excited to teach, and they care about me and my businesses. Their work is so valuable, I highly recommend them.

- Shawn Dean, Laine Equipment & South Bay Grading
San Jose, CA

"I have really enjoyed working with Kendall.  She runs a very professional business, is considerate of my time and schedule and communicates effectively.  As a client from another state I had concerns that it would be difficult to get her the information she would need to do her job but with the use of technology that has proven to be a seamless process.  Her rates are very fair and it is well worth the money to know that each month her reporting will be accurate and received in a timely manner."

-Joselyn Brubaker, Rouge Boutique
Edwards, CO  

"I cannot begin to thank IQ bookkeeping enough for the job they have done for my business. They cleaned up a mess for me and seem to enjoy the process. What seemed overwhelming to me, was worked through in a short period of time.
They worked with my crazy schedule and sent gentle reminders of what they needed from me. It has been a pleasant surprise how easy it is to work with them."

-Doug Estabrook, 7Brooks Unlimited
Kansas City, MO

"I cannot say enough positive about Kendall Creek and the service that she provides from a place of full presence and education and compassion. She has exceeded expectations above and beyond and has also become a very dear friend. I have always referred to myself as somebody pretty much functioning with a right brain and she has made it enjoyable to tap into the left hand side and make my bookkeeping understandable for probably the first time in my life. Please consider using Kendall Creek’s services, you will not be disappointed."

-Tara Eschenroeder, Great Abiding Yoga
Asheville, NC

"Kendall is passionate about her work and her clients. She works hard to resolve any questions you have. If she doesn't immediately have the answer, she will figure it out! She suggests solutions and works on your timing and schedule. I found her through an online search tool and did not know what to expect. Working with her as been great! I highly recommend her for your financial needs!"

-Candace Vanderwall, Vanderwall Immigration Law Firm
on, OR

"Kendall and her staff have been great to work with, they keep me aware of all my upcoming business needs and keeps our books balanced on a monthly basis."

-Charles Brown, Charlotte Remodeling Company
Charlotte, NC

"Kendall was such a huge help getting my company’s books in order in time for tax season and in order for me to see my financial progress as an independent business owner. She was always kind, professional, and prompt, responsive and very dedicated to getting everything organized in a way that I could also access and understand the work she had done. She is the only reason 2019 is now out of a scattered shoebox and 2020 is simple to categorize and put in order. Thanks again Kendall! I could not have done it without you!"

-Nicci Argento, Yoga Maya
Charelston, SC

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