What Sets Me Apart

1) Commitment

I personally handle 100% of new client on-boarding and clean up so I have an intimate understanding of each client's books and needs.

I'm dedicated to continuing education. I just made a major investment in a CFO Bookkeeping Mastermind Program, ensuring that I'm always offering only best practice services.

I'm deeply committed to serving my fellow small business owners. I always aim to over deliver on my clients' investments in me.

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2) Back Story

I'm likely the only dolphin trainer - turned - bookkeeper you'll meet. My first career was exciting and emotionally rewarding, but I was terribly poor because of it and became meticulous with my personal bookkeeping out of necessity. I miss the animals and people every day. But having babies changes everything, amiright?! 

After starting our family, I invested in accounting education and an outstanding bookkeeping network, I launched my business in late 2019 and have experienced steady growth ever since.

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- Using Applied Behavior Analysis to effect

global behavior change for conservation


- Ending Human Trafficking

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3) Vision