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What Sets Us Apart

Our Purpose:

We serve and empower our team first with the resources they need, so they can best serve and empower our clients with the financial data they need; ultimately building a community of empowered people that will effect social and environmental change.

Our Mission:

To end all human trafficking
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Kendall Creek, CEO

Kendall is likely the only dolphin trainer - turned - bookkeeper you'll meet. Her first career was exciting and emotionally rewarding, but she was terribly poor because of it. As a result, she became meticulous with her personal bookkeeping out of necessity. She misses the animals and people every day. But having babies changes everything, amiright?! 

After starting their family, she and her husband, Jason, invested in accounting education and an outstanding bookkeeping network. They launched this business in late 2019 and have experienced steady growth ever since.

Kendall continues to serve her clients as a fractional CFO, while cultivating a culture of daring leadership amongst her fabulous team members.


Erica Sioda

Erica began her journey with IQ Bookkeeping as nanny to Kendall's babes. She quickly became intrigued and excited to learn bookkeeping and to join Kendall's mission. As a second-generation bookkeeper, balanced books are in her DNA! She enjoys problem solving and is detail oriented. 

In her spare time, Erica enjoys playing piano and spending time outside with her 3 teenagers.

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Deborah Scutero


Deborah graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's in Mathematics. In the 1990s, she was one of very few, trailblazing women working in Computers and Information Technology, experience which serves her beautifully as a virtual bookkeeper. She meet Kendall when Kendall married her son, Jason. Deborah enjoys knitting, gardening and loving on her grandbabies.

Sara Perez

Sara graduated from the SUNY system with both a BA and MA degree in Education.  As she began working in the world she frequently found herself organizing the inner workings and finances of the schools, restaurants and businesses that she was part of.  The objective nature of bookkeeping is a wonderful balance in her life at this time with the subjective task of raising two teenage boys. When she isn't problem solving with the IQ Bookkeeping team she can be found camping with her sons and husband, knitting, and working on her property in Asheville.

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